Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy


Newjobspakistan takes user privacy very seriously. We believe to provide a safe, secure and easy user experience. This privacy policy details inform user that collection and use of online data that apply to the Newjobspakistan website and does not apply to information that we collect in any other form. is also giving some other websites links that connected with it. Newjobspakistan, and we don’t apply online or post job for you on other website, we are not responsible for any kind of bad usage of your data .we want to inform you that before applying on given links on Newjobspakistan take a survey of privacy policy of that given on website.

Information about data collection at Newjobspakistan

When you decide to sign-up with our website you have to submit your Resume details or subscribe for latest jobs. We collect all of data related your study, ID card, Phone number and Etc .we also collect data of your IP address and browser Etc. In addition when you create your profile we will receive your all data as mentioned above. We are giving you surety that all of user data that received must be use only to send you jobs information.

Moreover you can delete your account or unsubscribe on Newjobspakistan at any time. We assure you that after deleting your account we will not use your any personal information to anyone.

Furthermore if you are sharing your information at public portal of website than we are not responsible for any bad usage of your data.

Modify your given data at any time by emailing us at

The content written is purely for Newjobspakistan and its own designed and written. This content can’t be used by anyone else, it’s strictly prohibited.

What we do:

  • We provide advance vacancies searched from both top newspaper and official website.
  • We keep updating information of both government and private jobs on our website with the achieve facility.
  • Resumes upload by candidates registered with our sites are stored.
  • We provide both forms “register and apply” and “quick apply”

Things to consider while uploading your CV:

  1. Do not share your financial information.
  2. Do not limit your reference information.
  3. Track where you have posted your resume.
  4. Review the privacy policy of job sites.
  5. Highlight the important phases

Review the privacy policy of job sites.